I'm Sage P Woods and I write fantasy romance! I like realistic characters in books with both lovable traits and human flaws. 

A Mortal Queen is my debut series. It is an adult vampire fantasy romance.

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A Mortal Queen Series

A fantasy romance. Four books total are planned for this series.

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Stolen (Book 1) -BOOK BLURB:

Years before this story:

"Keep your chin up," my uncle shouted at me, during another round of teaching me to hunt in the woods. "A bow's not only good for hunting deer, Kylin. Aim for the heart or head and you could down a vampire. Don't hesitate, they won't either."

I gripped my bow tighter. I aimed straight for my practice target. There's no way I'd ever let a vampire near my family again. Not after sleepless nights of comforting my crying cousin. 

While I'm grateful the elves do everything they can to protect us, I want to be ready.

A Mortal Queen: Stolen follows the journey of Kylin, a mortal girl who is thrown into the midst of a dangerous, century-long feud between kingdoms of Elves and Vampires.

Once a naive and clumsy daughter of a struggling community, Kylin's life is forever changed one bloody and fateful night that leads her down a path of danger and romance. Due to forces that pull her away from everything she knows, she finds herself torn between her duty to her people and a newfound lust-driven love that she can't deny.

As the stakes rise and secrets are uncovered, Kylin's world is turned upside down. She must navigate a treacherous and uncertain path to find her true place in a world where she has no advantages. With a romance doomed from the beginning, A Mortal Queen is a tale of forbidden love and dark secrets.

Beast (Book 2) -BOOK BLURB:

Picking up right where book one left off. 

Kylin, having recently discovered secrets hidden within the world way before her lifetime, finds herself right in the middle of the war between Elves, Vampires, and Mortals. While navigating her newly developed relationship, she is also preparing herself for whatever may come. So much is in the balance; her brother was taken by the enemy, a mysterious witch has the location of a long-lost family member, and the world is on the brink of war for Kylin's own capture. 

This story takes her on new heart-breaking and riskier adventures with dragons and werewolves. Her relationship is put through unforeseen trials while her own will and determination are tested.  As a new adult, she is learning her true desires as she also discovers dark truths about the world her eyes were closed to for so long.

A bit about me...

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I enjoy fantasy and romance. When I'm not spending time with my children or reading, you can find me gardening either outdoors in my vegetable garden or taking care of my houseplants. My favorite place is in my reading chair, looking out to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with my dog, Grizzly, by my side.

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